What is Bleepli.com?
Bleepli.com is a premium theme site with lots of custom wordpress themes. You can buy the themes and use them with the rights granted with the license agreement.

Where I can find these themes?
We have a collector page for every theme we selling. CLICK HERE to visit this site.

I want to buy one, what can I do?
On the themes page, click the BUY NOW button and follow the instructions to get the theme automatically after the payment is done, via Paypal.

How can I install these themes?
Once you get the server to run the WordPress blog open the wp-content/themes directory and copy the theme in to it. After this open the admin page, click on the Apperance tab and activate the theme. Most of our themes required actions to activate the custom functions. The theme guides packed with the themes will help you with that.

Where can I get the best hosting for my theme?
We help our customers to get the best deals on the net. Our Hosting page offers the best deals what we can find. We may have partnership with a hosting provider, so check the page frequently to get participated with exclusive promotions!

Do I need to use any plugins with the theme?
Most of our themes fully functioning without any plugins, but some of the themes may need to install a plugin to get the functionality we built in. If this is required the theme page will inform you about this!

Is there any scripts used in the themes?
Yes, there are two scripts what we use. The first is TimThumb, which is allows us to show preview images from the posts. This plugin requires jpg images in the posts and creates a fixed size image from it. If there isn’t any image in the blog post, the script puts in a preview image what you can change.

There is also an image slider script what you can customize or disable right from the the admin menu.

I have a problem, what can I do?
If you experience any problem with the theme, you can reach us through the support page. Fill every box and send us a message, than we will answer you in a short time.

Important: We only provide FREE technical support for the themes bought, in case you experience any hosting problems, or WordPress related problems, you can hire us and we’ll do the work for you.

Can I delete the link to the Bleepli website?
Yes you may! But we would appreciate it if you keep it…

There is a blog page, what is this?
We have a blog section where we publish the latest informations and news regarding our site. You can follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, or you can sign up for our RSS feed too!

How do I become your affiliate?
Please visit the affiliates’ page for more details.

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